Thursday, April 1

Taking a Month Off

In case you noticed, I've been falling behind on my daily photos. It is a much more difficult grind than I ever imagined. It has been good, and I managed to make it 1 yr. 3 months without missing a "day". Week after next I'm going to Texas/N. Mexico, Grand Canyon, and home on a road trip with Liz to get a new car. I'm certain that I will be collecting many wonderful pictures and memories along the way. SO, I've decided to make a break in the blog, I will be taking a month off from it (April) and will be returning with fresh pictures from my trip and whatever else I get from now 'til then. I will finish off March sometime soon, and be leaving April alone. I also recently aquired an old 1959 Ricoh medium format camera (thanks Dembski's/Farnsworths) which shot it's first roll on Saturday (4-3-10). I hope I don't lose to many of my viewers (whomever you may be).

Even though this is published on 4-1, it's not a joke, just seemed appropriate.


Win & Win said...
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Liz Dembski said...

Aaarrgh!! I can't wait for the daily photos to come back.

Anonymous said...

Me neither. Mom