Friday, July 31

Cacti Are in Bloom

{50mm; 1/1000s; f/3.2; ISO100; 07/25/09: The cacti have really been in bloom lately. I caught this little guy at Jeff's place. These flowers even bloom in COLD ASS San Francisco!}

Thursday, July 30

Old Mirror

{50mm; 1/1600s; f/2.5; ISO100; 07/26/09: Taken outside of Cameron's Pub in Half Moon Bay. I really like this place on the 1, but I got stung in the face by a wasp last time I was there and the waitress didn't do anything about it...}

Wednesday, July 29

Boofala Salad

{50mm; 1/80s; f/1.4; ISO200; 07/07/09: During the summer, when the heirlooms are ripe, Liz likes to make her Boofala Salad (how it sounds). This consists of fresh (in water) mozzarella cheese, a basil leaf, and a small slice of heirloom tomato, all drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and some fresh ground pepper. So refreshing!}

Tuesday, July 28

Kite Surfer

{50mm; 1/500s; f/13.0; ISO100; 07/26/09: Taken at Wadell Creek Beach at the entrance to Big Basin this weekend during a drive up Hwy 1. There were probably 20 kite surfers hitting the waves, and this guy kept zooming in and then doing some nice aerial moves in front of us.}

Monday, July 27

Little Ring Bearer

{50mm; 1/60s; f/2.2; ISO100; 05/23/09: Taken at Jenny and Jason's wedding. This little guy was just too cute.}

Sunday, July 26

Branch in Crook

{50mm; 1/3200s; f/1.4; ISO200; 07/05/09: One tree falls onto another two in Desolation Wilderness.}

Saturday, July 25

Flying Kite Surfer

{50mm; 1/500s; f/13.0; ISO100; 07/26/09: Was in Santa Cruz this weekend and grabbed some shots of the kite surfers on the coast while driving home.}

Friday, July 24

Face in the Sand

{50mm; 1/800s; f/2.8; ISO100; 03/15/09: This is one of many sculptures made out of the sandstone rock on Bolinas beach. Off to Santa Cruz for the weekend. Hopefully I get some good shots.}

Thursday, July 23

Vein and Black Sky

{50mm; 1/500s; f/8.0; ISO100; 07/05/09: Taken in Desolation Wilderness. I really just like how polarized the sky is and how it makes the trees on the horizon look all weird.}

Wednesday, July 22

Brian's Gate in Bolinas

{50mm; 1/640s; f/1.6; ISO100; 03/15/09: This gate was made by a friend of Liz's, Brian, who actually was the first person to tell her about Burningman, so I thought I'd take a picture of this beautiful gate when we were there this spring.}

Tuesday, July 21

Alpine Lake Dam

{50mm; 1/50s; f/8.0; ISO200; 03/15/09: The Alpine Lake Dam on the way to Bolinas. Color on black and white.}

Monday, July 20

Dr. Seuss' House

{~20mm (XTi equiv), 1/50s; f/5.0; ISO100; 07/18/09: Taken with Liz's Canon Powershot G10, hence the comparison to my DSLR Canon XTi. This is the best point and shoot I've ever used. Taken in the Mission, another great mural.}

Sunday, July 19

Fire Extinguisher

{50mm; 1/800s; f/4.5; ISO100; 07/12/09: Taken at the flea market, another interesting item.}

Saturday, July 18

Brown Bag Lunch

{50mm; 1/200; f/2.2; ISO200; 07/06/09: I've been lucky enough to have leftovers for lunch lately. Liz added the heart as a reminder of school day lunches.}

Friday, July 17

Candy Wrapper Weave

{50mm; 1/1600s; f/4.5; ISO100; 07/14/09: This was taken at the flea market on Alemany. Just one interesting item among many.}

Thursday, July 16

Apricots $3 per lb

{50mm; 1/100s; f/3.2; ISO100; 05/31/09: Taken at the Farmer's Market near Anne and Brian's place in Oakland.}

Wednesday, July 15

Acoustic Guitar at Flea Market

{50mm; 1/400s; f/3.5; ISO100; 07/12/09: This was taken at the flea market on Alemany in San Francisco. I shot this from the hip, and got lucky.}

Tuesday, July 14

Dead Tree Standing #4

{50mm; 1/100s; f/4.5; ISO100; 07/03/09: Fourth and final installment. I really like this picture because it is an in between picture. The tree hasn't been stripped, yet it is dead.}

Monday, July 13

Cops A Bustin'

{50mm; 1/40s; f/1.4; ISO800; 07/10/09: Taken out my window on Saturday night. We came home to the cops busting someone, we are guessing it was for a DUI as the passengers and driver all walked off with their possessions, and a tow truck came along a few minutes later. The most interesting thing was that the cops investigated the trolls that live under our bridge.}

Sunday, July 12

Dead Tree Standing #3

{50mm; 1/200s; f/6.3; ISO100; 07/04/09: Third of four, I've saved the best for last.}

Saturday, July 11

Three People

{50mm; 1/80s; f/1.4; ISO800; 07/10/09: Ray had his first art show at the Tea Room in Petaluma. It was quite good, he sold some stuff, and I'd say we are all very proud of him. Jimmy (the guy in the hat) played the piano for some atmosphere.}

Friday, July 10

Dead Tree Standing #2

{50mm; 1/500s; f/4.5; ISO100; 07/04/09: Second installment of the Dead Tree Series. I know some of you find this to be a boring photo, but I suppose I would prefer the term understated. I like these shots because they are understated and there were also some of the most striking features of the landscape in Desolation.}

Thursday, July 9

A Stone's Reflection

{50mm; 30s; f/1.8; ISO200(!); 07/04/09: Shot through a gap in the trees, this was one of many island-rocks in Middle Velma.}

Wednesday, July 8

Dead Tree Standing #1

{50mm; 1/125s; f/8.0; ISO100; 07/04/09: First of a set that I took in Desolation of the beautiful yet sadly dead trees that continue to stand in the Wilderness. It is just part of the geography, landscape, and ecology but it still is eerie to see their husks.}

Tuesday, July 7

Blue Dragonfiles Mate in Midair

{50mm; 1/s; f/3.5; ISO100; 07/04/09: Taken in Desolation on Middle Velma. These blue dragonfiles were all over the place doing their in flight coitus (jealous?) while we were all chilling out on some rocks. I got in the cool water for some of these pics and couldn't resist the color on black and white after Liz suggested it. The insane thing is that there are probably another 20 or 30 dragon flies that I didn't color in this picture.}

Monday, July 6

Big Mountains Have Snow

{50mm; 1/400s; f/6.3; ISO100; 07/03/09: Taken on the hike up into the mountains. I think this picture does a fair job of grasping the scale of the granite walls around us.}

Sunday, July 5

Plants Are Stronger Than Rock

{50mm; 1/1600s; f/2.2; ISO100; 04/03/09: This little shoot sticking up out of this crack seemed to be splitting the huge room sized boulder. It's amazing what persistence can achieve.}

Saturday, July 4

Fourth of July! Reflections of Islands

{50mm; 30s; f/1.8; ISO200(!); 07/04/09: I went to Desolation Wilderness this weekend, and so I fell behind on the daily photo, so bare with me! Just think though, you get a picture taken the day of so that's kinda cool. This is a stitching of 14 images, taken at night around moonrise.}

Friday, July 3

Looking Down on You

{50mm; 1/100s; f/6.3; ISO100; 05/14/09: This is the statue out front of Marygrove College. I'm just guessing but I bet it's Mary.}

Thursday, July 2


{50mm; 1/200s; f/1.4; ISO100; 05/14/09: This is my Mom's Mom Vivian. She's a hoot.}

Wednesday, July 1

Valencia from the Hip

{50mm; 1/4000s; f/4.0; ISO200; 06/27/09: Taken from the hip while walking towards Mission from Dolores Park.}