Tuesday, March 31

Clovers from Below

{50mm; 1/60s; F1.4; ISO100; 03/27/09: Taken from below the canopy of redwood somethings, that look just like clovers. They have magenta/purple bottoms and I was trying to capture that with this shot. I hardly edited this except to adjust the white balance and saturation to satisfaction.}

Monday, March 30

River Near Crescent Beach 1

{50mm; 10s; F22; ISO100; 03/26/09: Taken near our campsite this weekend as the sun was setting. I have more of these water running pictures, I guess I was on a long shutter kick this weekend. I'll fill in the other stats on the last set of pics when I get a chance.}

Sunday, March 29

Beached Roots

Saturday, March 28


Friday, March 27

Liz on a Log

Thursday, March 26

A Typical Night

{18mm; 19s; F22; ISO100; 11/17/09: Long exposure shows the motion. I like my transparent arm, and Adonis licking himself.}

Wednesday, March 25

Bonk Boom Goes the Emu

{50mm; 1/320s; F4.0; ISO100; 03/22/09: Ray and Angie live near an emu farm. They seriously sound like a weird bass drum is getting thumped by a little monkey deep inside their chest.}

Tuesday, March 24

Sunrise over the Bay

{25mm; 1/30s; F3.5; ISO400; 10/30/08: Taken around the equinox, this is when the sunrises during breakfast. Not my best picture, but I think the sky is great.}

Monday, March 23

The Horse Reach

{50mm; 1/800s; F4.0; ISO100; 03/22/09: Taken near Ray and Angie's place, in the farm country. This horse is cropping the grass around a plastic bag-mmm. I love the short grass along the fence.}

Sunday, March 22

Trolly Near MLK Pool

{50mm; 1/60s; F1.4; ISO1600; 03/16/09: This was taken just outside of the MLK pool in Bayshore. This is a perfect example of a picture that would have been out of reach without the F1.4- and this is still way underexposed.}

Saturday, March 21

Face in Sandstone

{50mm; 1/80s; F5.6; ISO100; 03/15/09: Faces and figures were carved into the rocks on the beach in Bolinas. Sorry for all the back posting. Will try to get ahead for my trip this week.}

Friday, March 20

A Fork in the Road

{50mm; 1/60s; F1.4; ISO1600; 03/16/09: Found this fork on a sidewalk down in the industrial Bayshore district. Was just oddly sitting there missing the spoon.}

Thursday, March 19

Driftwood Roots in the Beach

{50mm; 1/3200s; F2.2; ISO100; 03/15/09: Beach in Bolinas, driftwood roots.}

Wednesday, March 18

Chunky Spray Paint

{50mm; 1/1600; F2.5; ISO100; 03/15/09: A corner of the seawall in Bolinas.}

Tuesday, March 17

The Other Trumpeter

{50mm; 1/20s; F1.4; ISO800; 01/01/09: Taken on our way back from the night out on New Year's Eve (my B-day). This is the second picture of two trumpeters in a band playing at 24th and Mission. How the hell did I keep this steady at 1/20s?}

Monday, March 16

Graffitti Seawall in Bolinas, CA

{50mm; ~1/100; F8.0; ISO100; 03/15/09: Stiched panorama of 20 images taken vertically (portrait). Color on black and white. Taken on the beach in Bolinas. Should've used a polarizer to cut the glare.}

Sunday, March 15

The Hillbilly Werewolf

{50mm; 1/800;F4.5; ISO100; 03/15/09: Went to the beach in Bolinas, a total hippy coastal town with Ray and Liz. The break wall is has a graffitti positive attitude.}

Saturday, March 14

Mayan Goddess

{50mm; 1/200s; F4.0; ISO200; 03/01/09: Another piece from the woman mural in the Mission. Mayan goddess I believe.}

Friday, March 13

Flower Petals on Sidewalk

{50mm; 1/60s; F4.0; ISO200; 03/01/09: Flower petals after a rain.}

Thursday, March 12

Hugs and Kisses Inside

{50mm; 1/60s; F2.5; ISO200; 03/01/09: Taken in Cortland while waiting for the bus.}

Wednesday, March 11

Famous Margaritas

{50mm; 1/4000s; F4.0; ISO100; 03/09/09: Liz and I stopped for brunch at this Mexican restaurant at 17th and Valencia (I think). It had some of the best Mexican food I've had since I moved here, AND there was two different musicians/groups that came in to play for the lunch crowd.}

Tuesday, March 10

Mexican Gelatin

{50mm; 1/400s; F3.2; ISO200; 03/07/09: This gelatin was in a little portable cart on Mission street. What is it w/ the Mexicans and gelatin, I don't get it. This is my 100th post on the daily photoblog!}

Monday, March 9

Fire Escape

{50mm; 1/1600s; F4.0; ISO200; 03/07/09: Taken from a Mexican food restaurant. I like the layers and the clouds.}

Sunday, March 8

Windmill in the City

{50mm; 1/50s; F14; ISO100; 03/07/09: This windmill was in the city rising up out of the buildings. It was silent, and there was barely a breeze while it spun away. I wish I knew how much power this produced.}

Saturday, March 7

Sea Goddess

{50mm; 1/200s; F4; ISO200; 03/01/09: Mural on a building that stretches all the way to the top of the wall. There will be more.}

Friday, March 6

Frank's Road

{50mm; 1/125s; F5.0; ISO400; 02/28/09: Taken in an aparment complex where the aparments faced each other over a center gap. You can see the reflection of the window across the way.}

Thursday, March 5

A Stairway in Oakland

{50mm; 1/50s; F5.0; ISO800; 02/28/09: To get a few extra bucks, I helped a work associate of Brian's last weekend. She was moving into this really beautiful old building with a great view of the bay. This stairwell was wonderfully illuminated from above by a skylight.}

Wednesday, March 4

Smoking is Bad

{50mm; 1/250s; F2.0; ISO200; 02/21/09: Anoter picture from the pointalism mural. I love the way the smoke is rendered in this painting. Don't smoke- it's gross.}

Tuesday, March 3

Mission Pool House

{50mm; 1/125s; F4.5; ISO200; 02/21/09: Taken on a walk through the Mission. Big and vibrant mural with elements of nature and motherhood.}

Monday, March 2

Puke on a Flower

{50mm; 1/60s; F1.4; ISO1600; 03/01/09: Color on black and white. The color version looks much more puke-ish, but the low F-number caused cyan clipping in all of the bokeh. In normal terms, the little dots of light look very blue. It really is puke- it smelled.}

Sunday, March 1

Brian and Anne's Junior Prom

{50mm; 1/125; F2.2; ISO200; 02/28/09: Color on black and white. Diffused flash, lowered flash power, and a second light shining on them.}