Monday, May 31

Liz on a Swing

{Wide angles are great for motion blur b/c you can hand hold it at slow shutter w/o getting hand shake blur.}

Sunday, May 30

Beetle Orgy

{Every beetle you see in this picture is actually a pair of beetles, doing it.}

Saturday, May 29

Two Slides

{Wide angles can be fun.}

Friday, May 28

Clouds Incoming

{It was nice the entire time with fluffy clouds.}

Thursday, May 27

Slides, Liz, and Childhood

{We found this little playground and got some kid action shots.}

Wednesday, May 26

Leelanau Penninsula

{Earlier this month, my Mom graduated with her Master's from U of M. It was cool, and I got to see the President speak (well done btw). After we went "Up North" for the rest of the little break.}

Tuesday, May 25

Overlooking the Canyon

{Last couple picture from the Grand Canyon.}

Monday, May 24

Liz and a Polarized Sky

{It's just great when the polarization band lines up nicely in a photo.}

Sunday, May 23

Near the Ridge

{Another shot off the other side of the ridge we were hiking.}

Saturday, May 22

Tree On the Ridge

{Taking a break on the ridge.}

Friday, May 21

Spine Down to the River

{We didn't make it to the river, because that's insane, but we did make it out around this spine on the left.}

Thursday, May 20

Say Cheese

{I thought this blog could use some cheese.}

Wednesday, May 19

Switchback Down

{Huge walls, Liz for perspective.}

Tuesday, May 18

Down We Go

{We began early while the sun was still low casting long shadows on the Canyon. The trail is to the lower right.}

Monday, May 17

Grand Canyon at Sunset

{Last picture before my battery went dead for the night. Next up the decent into the crevice.}

Sunday, May 16

Lizzing at the Edge

{Looking over the edge makes you feel small.}

Saturday, May 15

Grand Canyon Down to the Colorado

{I still can't believe that the Colorado River did this.}

Friday, May 14

Grand Canyon in Shadow

{It is difficult to pick the good images from the Grand Canyon, and they get a little monotonous after looking at them all.}

Thursday, May 13

Grand Canyon Closer to Sunset

{Closer to sunset temporally and physically.}

Wednesday, May 12

First View of the Grand Canyon

{The first views of the Grand Canyon. Just before sunset.}

Tuesday, May 11

Vine Covered Stairs

{The last picture from Santa Fe. I've got an awesome wall socket picture on the medium format camera, but I have to get them ported over to digital at some point. }

Monday, May 10

Wood Burning Oven

{This is an old school classic adobe wood burning oven. I'd really like to have a wood burning oven (perhaps in a different style) in a future home. It makes great pizzas from what I understand.}

Sunday, May 9

Old Blue Bike

{Closeup of the blue bike seen previously. I like how this wide angle can still get some bokeh at 2.8/f.}

Saturday, May 8

Door and Woodpile

{This place was next to Angie's place and had a great look to it.}

Friday, May 7

Down the Hall

{Just down a hallway is the outside art studio center of the world! This is Angie's place, and I liked the lighting in the morning.}

Thursday, May 6

Adobe is Straw and Mud

{Not bad bokeh for a wideangle. This is what the adobe looks like up close. Straw and mud.}

Wednesday, May 5

Bikes in an Open Hallway

{The best thing about a wide angle lens is playing with perspective. That's really what that 14-20mm range (35mm equiv) is all about. I think this is a great example. I also wouldn't have been able to fit both bikes in to the same picture w/o it.}

Tuesday, May 4

Liz in Santa Fe Doorway

{After leaving Texas, Liz and I visited Liz's long time childhood friend Angie who is currently living in Santa Fe, NM. She lives in an art enclave next to a road that literally has 30-50 art studios in a row.}

Monday, May 3

Storm Clouds with Mountains in the Distance

{I just like the contrast with the thin line of bright light in the distance.}

Sunday, May 2

On the Road to Santa Fe

{We went through some weather and nice dark clouds were blocking half the sky. I miss clouds, there just aren't enough of them in California (big problem eh?).}

Saturday, May 1

Liz and Suzi

{Liz and I went to El Paso to get this used Suzuki which has been named Suzi. It's a good car, and never had any issues on the drive.}