Thursday, April 30

99 Cans of Beer on the Wall

{50mm; 1/50s; F1.4; ISO800; 04/18/09: Taken at Cameron's Pub and Inn near Half Moon Bay right on Hwy 1. It is a very interesting place with a very local feeling.}

Wednesday, April 29

Sage and Sue

{50mm; 1/100s; F11; ISO100; 03/15/09: Taken in Bolinas.}

Tuesday, April 28

Lady on the Staircase

{50mm; 1/320s; F1.4; ISO1600; 04/25/09: I took this at my friend Sophia's new place in San Anselmo. What an amazing home! It is an old church with huge ceilings, nooks and crannies, and staircases everywhere. I tried to take pictures during a performance by her boyfriend Matt, but the lighting was really low. This is a very grainy picture, but I still think it is a great candid pic.} 

Monday, April 27

Bolinas - Color on Black and White

{50mm; ~F8; ~1/200; ISO100; 04/12/09: As per Liz's request, I present the Bolinas Sea Wall as a color on black and white. I think I like this style for these murals better than straight color.}

Sunday, April 26

Palace of Fine Arts

{50mm; 1/125s; F1.4; ISO200; 04/04/09: Taken in the financial district at a water fountain's sculpture.}

Saturday, April 25

Two Starfish Chillin'

{50mm; 1.3s; F22; ISO100; 03/23/09: Taken in the tide pools near our campsite. The water sloshed in and out a few times.}

Friday, April 24

Brian Under the Tarp

{50mm; 1/80s; F1.4; ISO800; 03/28/09: Taken on the Redwoods camping trip under the blue tarp. I really only like this because of the depth of field effects.}

Thursday, April 23

Razor Wire on Mt. Tam

{18mm; 1/200; F8; ISO100; 04/11/09: Taken on the top of Mt. Tam. The razor wire is to keep all of the tourists out of the ranger fire station.}

Wednesday, April 22

San Francisco to Berkeley from Mt. Tam

{~35mm; ~1/200s; ~F8; ISO100; 04/11/09: Panorama of approximately 12 images. Taken on top of Mt. Tam (same spot as earlier photo). I couldn't get this to stich up with the rest of the panorama showing the North Bay. Warning ~10MB original.}

Tuesday, April 21

Fresh Caught Mussels

{50mm; 1/30s; F1.8; ISO800; 04/11/09: I ripped this mussel from its home, Kate then steamed it up with some white wine and garlic, and then it went into my mouth and belly. MMmmm! This was the biggest one of all.}

Monday, April 20

River Fall

{42mm; 1/15s; F5.6; ISO200: Proof that anti-shake makes a difference, I can't get better than 1/50s shutter on my 50mm prime lens, and this superzoom can do better than 1/42s on this shot. It was taken during the descent on the Mt. Tam hike. A ray of sunshine lit up this small waterfall.}

Sunday, April 19

Mt. Tam Summit

{18mm; 1/320s; F8.0; ISO100; 04/11/09: Taken from the summit of Mt. Tamalpais where you can see most of the greater bay area. I have a panorama from here, but it has a nasty seam I can't seem to fix, might just make into two.}

Saturday, April 18

Dropplets Under the Tank

{50mm; 1/125s; F1.4; ISO100; 04/06/09: This is what happens when water condenses under the water reservoirs that we use at work.}

Friday, April 17

The Bolinas Seawall Part Deux

{50mm; ~1/500; ~F8; ISO100; 04/12/09: Same wall as before, but it has been completely redone. Warning, the original is 20MB.}

Thursday, April 16

The City from Marin Headlands

{50mm; 30s; F13; ISO400; 04/10/09: Taken from the Marin Headlands at Steep Ravine campground. Long exposure smooths out the ocean.}

Wednesday, April 15

Cabbage Patch Kid in the Woods

{50mm; 1/60s; F4.5; ISO400; 04/11/09: On the way to the top of Mt. Tam I took a picture of this little lady who was sitting in the crux of a tree. How bizarre.}

Tuesday, April 14

Waves Crashing

{50mm; 30s; F3.2; ISO400; 04/11/09: Taken from the cliffs overlooking the ocean near Stinson Beach.}

Monday, April 13

Blue Tarp

{50mm; 1/125s; F1.4; ISO400; 03/28/09: Taken while it rained on our campsite.}

Sunday, April 12

Rainbow Over Bayshore

{50mm; 1/100s; F5.6; ISO100; 04/07/09: Taken out of my kitchen window.}

Saturday, April 11

Grass From Below

{50mm; 1/800s; F2.8; ISO100; 03/27/09: Similar shot as the clovers (Redwood Sorrell), but this time with grass. I like how huge it looks.}

Friday, April 10

Two Views in an Elevator

{50mm; 1/60s; F5.6; ISO200; 4/4/09: Taken from a hotel in the financial district. You can see the south side of the city on the left, and the buildings behind me reflecting off of the other elevator on the right side. I like the people on top of the building.}

Thursday, April 9

Ocean Wash

{50mm; 1.3s; F22; ISO100; 03/27/09: Taken at the tide pools of Endert's Beach. Again, had a long exposure kick going this weekend. I like how the bird moved all over the place, and the background.}

Wednesday, April 8

Big Ass Redwoods

{50mm; 1/200; F1.4; ISO200; 03/27/09: Taken during a hike in the redwoods. I think the tree next to the people really gives a sense of scale. That is maybe 1/5 of the length of the tree.}

Tuesday, April 7

Fountain in the Financial District

{50mm; 1/100s; F1.4; ISO200; 04/05/09: Taken from the side of a fountain/sculpture with the various San Francisco sights all over it.}

Monday, April 6

Ocean Plastic Wrap

{50mm; 0.8s; F22; ISO100; 03/27/09: Tide pools near Endert's Beach (correction from before). I was using longish exposure to capture the water's motion. I like the contrast with the stationary rocks.}

Sunday, April 5

Firey Angel

{50mm; 1/100s; F3.5; ISO200; 04/05/09: This is around the corner from the McDonalds on Mission and 24th. There is an icy mech dude next to her, but it just wasn't as impressive. This is the joining of ~15 images and the original is 25MP equiv.}

Saturday, April 4

Beach Archway

{50mm; 1/1000s; F2.0; ISO100; 03/26/09: Taken at the beach up in Redwood. This arch was approximately 4 feet high and cast really nice shadows during sunset. I just wish that my lens didn't have teal chromatism in the fuzz.}

Friday, April 3


{50mm; 1/500s; F7.1; ISO100; 3/15/09: Another picture from the Bolinas graffitti sea wall. I really like how the layers represent the passage of time.}

Thursday, April 2

Go Brian Go!

{50mm; 8s; F22; ISO100; 03/27/09: The energy level of this kid amazes me sometimes. After a nice hike of approximately 7 miles, he still has enough energy to run around like a kid swinging kelp around his head!}

Wednesday, April 1

Sunset Smoothness

{50mm; 6s; F22; ISO100; 03/27/09: Taken near the edge of the water line while the sun was setting with a long exposure to get rid of the waves and make the ocean all smooth. I like the colors.}