Wednesday, March 31

An Abstraction

{Liz started asking me about this picture, so I thought some details were in order. First, it is a SEM picture (from the bottom you can see it was done at 0.8keV, 25x mag (hella low btw), and at a working distance of 15mm). This is not a normal image, meaning the SEM doesn't normally do this, and it is a weird quirk of the physics of the thing. I will let you ponder how I did this, and get back with more info later. Oh and click on it b/c the full version is much crispier.}

Sunday, March 28


{This is why you've been sneezing.}

Saturday, March 27

African Face on a Pot

{Found this cool face on a super old pot in the Legion of Honor. I think I'm going to make a stamp for my ceramics based on this dude.}

Friday, March 26

Bee Beard

{You know this guy is committed to his product if he's willing to wear it on his face.}

Sweet Butt Sauce

Thursday, March 25

Inside Castro Theater

{Liz and I went to see Alice in Wonderland at the Castro Theater this weekend. I ran into some old Burningman friends too.}

Wednesday, March 24

Pickled Sa-Tho

{I just thought this lady on the right is seriously weird. And what the hell is Sa-Tho and why do you want it pickled?}

Tuesday, March 23

Liz Loves Kitties

{More than you would think possible. Fill flash really worked in the shadows.}

Monday, March 22

100% Clam Juice

{I hope I'm not the only one who finds this to be funny.}

Sunday, March 21

Bamboo Fungus

{Can someone tell me, is this really bamboo fungus?}

Saturday, March 20

Green Guys with Hair

{I have no idea what these guys are.}

Friday, March 19


{Mushrooms have really been growing on me as a food. I'm still not a huge fan, but they are good and fleshy and great on pizza! Here's most varieties with some of the (crazy) prices.}

Thursday, March 18

Asian Marshmallow Bunnies

{Easter is coming up, and this can be seen at MOM.}

Wednesday, March 17

The Carrot Vendor

{This guy sold us some huge carrots. We made broth out of them yesterday (well Liz did, cause she's awesome).}

Tuesday, March 16


{Liz and I went to the local Manila Oriental Market (MOM) and got some great pictures of really weird Asian food.}

Monday, March 15

{It finally feels like spring around here. The food is changing with Spring, so I thought I would do a week dedicated to food. First are these Mandarines. Liz and I bought some tangello's tangerine and plumello. They are the best citrus fruit ever.}

Sunday, March 14

Fencing Epee

{There are 3 different sword/styles in fencing, foil, sabre, and epee. Dan and I have mostly been doing epee because you can hit anywhere, there aren't really any rules, and it is fun! Liz is going with us this Friday.}

Saturday, March 13

Here Comes the Muni

{Cousin to the first image of the old Muni.}

Friday, March 12

Two Elephants

{Another mural from Clarion. I love these little alleyways.}

Thursday, March 11

Voyeur Me, Voyeur You

{Taken from my bedroom window.}

Wednesday, March 10

Through the Mask

{My boss, Dan, and I have been going fencing every other week. It's a good workout, and makes you think, so it's fun! I will probably be doing another couple through the mask pics as it really captures the feeling of having a huge mesh helmet on your head. This is another example of a wide-angle only shot.}

Tuesday, March 9

Dolores Park

{As the sun was going down, the City was light up in the evening, so we stopped at Dolores to snap a few pictures.}

Monday, March 8

Ye Old Muni

{Liz and I go by Dolores Park on the way to the ceramics studio- Ruby's. I'm going to take some pictures of the studio and the process of throwing a pot soonish, but the clay is pretty gross for a camera so I gotta be careful!}

Sunday, March 7

Blue Bears on Clarion

{These blue bears can be seen around town. The artist recently opened a studio on Valencia.}

Saturday, March 6

The Temple '08

{I really hope we get to go again this year. I promise I will do some processing tonight.}

Friday, March 5

Sunset Over the City 2

{Which image do you like more, this one or the first one?}

Thursday, March 4

SW Road Trip

{Liz and I have been talking about a road trip through the southwest. Finally get to see the Grand Canyon.}

Wednesday, March 3

Looking at Photos

{I thought it was rather ironic taking a picture of a guy who collects old pictures. He was going through a stack of them in his pocket. This place serves the BEST crapes.}

Tuesday, March 2

Learning to Fence

{I've been learning to fence lately. It's a bunch of fun and you get a good sweat going.}

Monday, March 1

Sunset Over the City

{Liz and I went to Goodwill this weekend where I scored a 1st edition Di Vinci code for $3.00. We stopped to take pictures of this great sunset. I have one other, let me know which you prefer if so inclined.}