Wednesday, April 13

Pit Fire Ceramics

Pit Fire Ceramics 02_lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

We did a pit fire two weeks ago, here's some of the results.

Tuesday, March 15

Empire State Reflection

Empire State Reflection-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Liz pointed out this photo op, and I had to grab it.

Monday, March 7

Times Square

Times Square-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

All of these boards were LCD/LED live screens with the logos and ads changing regularly. It is very iconic, but really it's only a couple hundred yards of the city.

Friday, March 4

The Metro

The Metro-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

After a couple of days in Rochester with Mom, Al, and Shani- Liz, Mom, and I went to New York for New Year's Eve, which some of you probably know as My Birthday. One of my favorite things about NYC is the subway. OMG- San Francisco sucks so bad wrt public transportation. I actually thought it was ok, now I know it is really really very sad and pathetic.

Dad Packing a Snowball

Dad Packing a Snowball-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Up at the lake house Dad and Meg showed Liz and I the latest improvements to the house. It is amazing the amount of restoration done. I helped with some of it, but these finishing touches are in perfect taste. Bravo guys!

Tuesday, March 1


Millefiori-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

This is a glass work that was as the AIC. They had a whole room of these millefiori which means many flowers.

Friday, February 11

In the Kiln

In the Kiln-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

This is what the ceramics look like inside the kiln. You can actually see the glaze melting.