Saturday, October 31

Merely Fasting

{16mm; 1/160s; f/5.6; ISO200; 10/17/09: Near the same strip as before.}

Friday, October 30

Face on the Fridge

{12mm; 1/80s; f/7.1; ISO200; 10/25/09: This is another piece by the same lady.}

Thursday, October 29

Upturned Nose

{12mm; 1/25s; f/5.0; ISO200; 10/25/09: One of the pieces that Tom's artist friend had on display in her studio. I think that I needed to use a fill flash.}

Wednesday, October 28

The Pumpkin Patch

{12mm; 1/250s; f/3.5; ISO100; 10/11/09: Matt, Liz and I have an informal tradition started, close to Halloween we go and get some pumpkins. Last year we carved them, but this year we met up in Pescadero for some goat cheese and lunch. The lady selling the pumpkins was a hoot. I wish I had gotten her picture.}

Tuesday, October 27

Excelsior Mural

{11mm; 1/400s; f/2.8; ISO100; 10/11/09: The Excelsior District is just to the south of where I live. It is a foggy little enclave that has the closest banks for Liz and I as well as parking of all things!}

Monday, October 26


{50mm; 1/640s; f/1.4; ISO100; 10/26/09: Liz, Tom, and I went for a bike ride on Sunday to go and check out Tom's artist friend who lives on Portrero Hill.}

Sunday, October 25

Philly Cheesesteak Reflections

{13mm; 1/160s; f/5.6; ISO100; 10/17/09: There is a great Philly Cheesesteak place in the Mission. They also had really good San Francisco brewed beer in cans!}

Saturday, October 24

Mills Business School - Exposed Architecture

{11mm; 1/40s; f/3.2; ISO200; 10/10/09: I believe Brian called this sexitecture. I just like the wonky perspective the wide angle does.}

Friday, October 23

Even Creeps Deserve Forgiveness

{15mm; 1/160s; f/5.6; ISO100; 10/17/09: Taken somewhere in the mission.}

Thursday, October 22


{16mm; 1/80s; f/5.6; ISO100; 10/17/09: Wack shit like this is why I love living in the city as a photographer. What the fuck is this an ad for? Please tell me. I think the postal sticker makes this picture.}

Wednesday, October 21

City Through the Window

{11mm; 1/100s; f/7.1; ISO100; 10/10/09: This was taken from inside Coit on the stairwell.}

Tuesday, October 20

Diego Rivera Inside Coit

{11mm; 1/30s; f/2.8; ISO200; 10/10/09: This is one of my favorite Rivera murals.}

Monday, October 19

The Floating Box

{11mm; 1/30s; f/5.0; ISO200; 10/10/09: This is the entryway of the new business school at Mill's College, the place of Brian's employ.}

Sunday, October 18

Looking Back on Washington Square

{12mm; 1/160s; f/7.1; ISO100; 10/10/09: This was taken on the way up to the tower, looking back towards Washington Squre (to the left at the bottom). That church is where Liz's parents got married (their 2nd wedding).}

Saturday, October 17

Liz in the Cafe

{13mm; 1/10s; f/2.8; ISO200; 10/10/09: Bri, Liz, and I went out for a late lunch at this sweet little cafe on the side of Washington Square. The light was really working well.}

Friday, October 16

Coit Tower- From the Back

{13mm; 1/60s; f/6.3; ISO100; 10/10/09: This is the Ocean side of Coit Tower.}

Thursday, October 15

Liz and Brian and Coit Tower

{14mm; 1/50s; f/7.1; ISO100; 10/10/09: This was taken on the walk up the stairs to Coit Tower. My friends, being goofy, as usual. I love it.}

Wednesday, October 14

The View From Coit- Downtown

{11mm; 1/160s; f/7.1; ISO100; 10/10/09: You see those little windows on the full image of Coit? Well here is the view from those windows. You can see all around the tower, and it is quite small, but the windows are glassed over. Seems like you should be able to get the air in your face, but not with the suicide rates in our fair city.

Tuesday, October 13

Coit Tower - Full Frontal

{11mm; 1/60s; f/7.1; ISO100; 10/10/09: This is Coit Tower. It sits atop Telegraph Hill which is also known for its feral parrots. Inside are murals by various artists including Diego Rivera. The design was based upon the end of a fire hose.}

Monday, October 12

Teal with a Ring

{50mm; 1/125s; f/4.5; ISO100; 08/09/09: This was taken at one of the hipper bars in town- Zeitgeist. They have a back area where people smoke various things and hang on picnic tables. I was doing some shooting from the hip of people entering/exiting the area. I wasn't sure about this picture, but I like the motion, and the cigarette smoker.}

Sunday, October 11

North Beach and Beyond

{11mm; 1/125s; f/7.1; ISO100; 10/10/09: This was taken from Coit Tower. Liz, Brian, and I went there this Saturday to see the Blue Angles fly around. While eating an excellent lunch in a cafe, the Blue Angels buzzed the park we were overlooking.}

Saturday, October 10

Five Car Train for San Francisco- Now Boarding

{11mm; 1/500s; f/2.8; ISO400; 10/6/09: I was waiting to board the train and I thought that the flow of people would make an interesting picture.}

Friday, October 9

Me and Bri - Tennessee Valley

{11mm; 1/125s; f/9.0; ISO100; 08/15/09: Taken during the hike with the Harringtons. I rarely post self-portraits, but I like the square crop, you can see Mt Tam in the background, and Bri is so hairy.}

Thursday, October 8

Liz's Hill

{11mm; 1/100s; f/9; ISO100; 10/4/09: This was taken behind Liz's parents house. I really like the color in this picture. Sorry for my slacker blogging as of late, it's hard to keep this up, but 1 year is fast approaching.}

Wednesday, October 7


{16mm; 1/60s; f/2.8; ISO400; 09/27/09: Taken at the Academy of Sciences.}

Tuesday, October 6

Classic Marina

{12mm; 1/800s; f/3.5; ISO200; 09/26/09: Taken when Liz and I were cruising the Marina District a few weekends ago. It was a really nice warm day so the girls were out in full form showing off the goods. The Marina is known for its money and the girls that follow that money.}

Monday, October 5

Obama's Man

{50mm; 1/640 s; f/4.0; ISO100; 10/3/09: This guy was dancing around at the Bluesgrass Festival (free) in Golden Gate Park this weekend. He had Barack Obama with him.}

Sunday, October 4

Solar Home

Saturday, October 3

DeYoung Bottom Up

Friday, October 2

Stop Bike Parking

Thursday, October 1

Top of the Dome