Wednesday, October 14

The View From Coit- Downtown

{11mm; 1/160s; f/7.1; ISO100; 10/10/09: You see those little windows on the full image of Coit? Well here is the view from those windows. You can see all around the tower, and it is quite small, but the windows are glassed over. Seems like you should be able to get the air in your face, but not with the suicide rates in our fair city.


Liz Dembski said...

I think the glass in the window thing has to do with people throwing stuff off the tower and all of the potential lawsuits that may occur when said stuff hits the ground and/or people and/or property.

Big Sway said...

Especially if you throw yourself out the window and hit someone, Liz. EMBARRASSING!!! Jesse- check out for some sweet photographs. It's a cool Burning Man man's photography and I think you'd like his work. I do. I already told him to visit here.