Monday, November 30

Auto Sprinkler

{50mm; 1/2000s; f/3.5; ISO100; 11/27/09: Taken in the Mission, on Valencia St.}

Sunday, November 29

The Towers of San Bruno Mountain

{12mm; 1/100s; f/6.3; ISO100; 11/28/09: Yesterday Ray, Liz, and I went on a hike in South San Francisco on top of the mountain to the south. The radio towers for NPR and other stations as well as cellular towers are on top of the mountain.}

Saturday, November 28

The Muni Goes Downtown

{12mm; 1/400s; f/2.8; ISO100; 10/11/09: Taken near my house.}

Friday, November 27

The Shark Tank

{11mm; 1/15s; f/2.8; ISO100; 10/12/09: The San Jose Sharks are actually a pretty good hockey team. It was fun seeing some hockey again, though it always sucks when the home team loses.}

Thursday, November 26

The SFPD Mobile Command One

{15mm; 1/250s; f/2.8; ISO200; 10/10/09: What I want to know is what does Mobile Command Two look like?}

Wednesday, November 25

Top of Coit-365th Post

{11mm; 1/50s; f/7.1; ISO100; 10/10/09: This is the top of Coit Tower.}

Well it's been one year and 365 posts. I can't say it's always been easy, and I'm going to try to start forward posting in bursts again. I just really have been strapped for time lately and taking pictures has unfortunately fallen off. I don't plan on ending this anytime soon, but bare with my droughts.

I hope everyone is enjoying the pictures each day, I find it a great medium to share what I'm doing, and my photography with people I know. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 24

Sonoma Fence Post

{13mm; 1/20s; f/6.3; ISO100; 11/22/09: Taken up near Pengrove, I like how the fence adds to the image overall. Again, very little processing besides the normal contrast and saturation bump. Cropped at 16:9.}

Monday, November 23

Sonoma Winter

{16mm; 1/25s; f/6.3; ISO100; 11/22/09: Liz thought it was halarious how my photoblog went from Wyoming winter (cold and white) to Sonoma winter (warm and green). First off, I'd like to say that very little processing has been done to these couple of pictures. It was the last 20 minutes of daylight, and that's just how great those 20 minutes of light really are.}

Sunday, November 22

Lost Coast

{18mm; 1/4s; f/22.0; ISO100; 07/05/09: From the archives, this picture was taken last year in the summer up in the Lost Coast region of Sinkyone Wilderness State Park.}

Saturday, November 21

Wyoming Farm in Winter

{50mm; 1/800s; f/11.0; ISO100; 11/15/09: This is a little farm house covered in snow. I love the huge clouds in the background.}

Friday, November 20

Brick Silo

{16mm; 1/400s; f/5.0; ISO200; 11/14/09: Many old abandoned farm buildings could be seen around Wheatland, WY. I like the motion blur due to the car movement.}

Thursday, November 19

The C|2 Mesa

{11mm; 1/60s; f/7.1; ISO100; 11/14/09: The Mesa was a good hike, surprisingly high. I like the little cloud to the upper left.}

Wednesday, November 18

Johnson's Corner Trailer Washouts Chapel

{50mm; 1/500s; f/11.0; ISO100; 11/15/09: Here at Johnson's Corner you have a great breakfast place complete with a souvenir crap shop, gas station, and a place of worship. Don't forget you can get tires and trailer washouts.}

Tuesday, November 17

South of Lake Tahoe

{50mm; 1/320s; f/11.0; ISO100; 11/13/09: Taken during the flight as we passed over the Sierra Nevada Mtns. This is just some random deep valley that is to the south of Lake Tahoe (it's the big black region upper middle of the pic.}

Monday, November 16

Broken Down Wagon

{11mm; 1/60s; f/5.8; ISO100; 11/14/09: On the hike up to the mesa there were many interesting artifacts along the way.}

Sunday, November 15

C|2 Ranch

{13mm; 1/40s; f/5.6; ISO100; 11/15/09: Near dead center is the home of Liz's grandparents, C Bar Two Ranch. This view is from atop the local mesa, which is as flat as you'd expect. The strange thing is the mesa seems very small from the ranch, but when you climb it, you really get an idea of how high it is.}

Saturday, November 14

Ann's Tree

{15mm; 1/2000s; f/5.0; ISO100; 11/14/09: The tree is just outside of C Bar Two, and Ann said it was her favorite. You're going to be seeing a lot of the 16:9 as it is perfect for Wyoming. Oh and blame Liz for my lack of catching up.}

Friday, November 13

The City from the Sky

{50mm; 1/250s ; f/11; ISO100; 11/13/09: Flying out from SFO is always a treat. The City in all of it's bridge covered, shipping center, hilly glory.}

Thursday, November 12

Hipsters and Pink Shade

{14mm; 1/100s; f/3.5; ISO100; 11/8/09: Ok Ok, I get it, boring. Yes it's true, not my favorite either. The pink shade just caught my eye, and the composition (not subject) is descent. I haven't had a good chance to shoot lately so you're gonna get some dregs from time to time. Went to WY for Liz's grandma's funeral this weekend, the family asked me to come out, which I appreciate, even under such sad circumstances. I have some nice pictures from the trip coming up.}

Wednesday, November 11

Coastal Landscape

{13mm; 1/160s; f/6.3; ISO100; 11/07/09: The landscape version of the earlier shot. 16:9}

Tuesday, November 10

Feather on Water

{50mm; 1/3200s; f/1.6; ISO100; 11/10/09: This was taken on my way to work this morning as I went by the wetlands that are by the Dumbarton Bridge.}

Monday, November 9

Indie Street Fair/Market

{11mm; 1/5s; f/2.8; ISO800; 11/08/09: This is the Indie Street Fair/Market which consists of a bunch of hip crafty stuff. Lots of it was good, much of it was crap, but boy the gems were fantastic. Boring picture, but interesting content.}

Sunday, November 8

Down the Escalator

{15mm; 1/30s; f/2.8; ISO400; 10/6/09: Taken at the Fremont Bart. I just like seeing the stream of people leave the train and go down.}

Saturday, November 7

The Road to Santa Cruz

{11mm; 1/40s; f/14.0; ISO100; 11/7/09: The Hwy 1 coastal drive never disappoints. I have probably driven between SF and Santa Cruz close to 100 times (counting each way), and I am always amazed by how damn beautiful this place is. It's November and we've had at least half of the days in the 70s. Done with a16:9 crop.}

Friday, November 6

Wires into the Fog

{50mm; 1/1000s; f/6.3; ISO100; 10/31/09: This is the last one, I promise.}

Thursday, November 5

City by the Bay

{50mm; 1/200s; f/10.0; ISO100; 10/29/09: From the Marin side of the Golden Gate. The 50 on a 1.6 crop factor body really is a significant zoom. I didn't realize it until I started playing with the wide angle.}

Wednesday, November 4

Red Lips and Tins Have White Backs

{13mm; 1/15s; f/4.0; ISO100; 10/25/09: I think this was my favorite face sculpture. It is made with tins which are all old school and detailed.}

Tuesday, November 3

Golden Wires in Fog

{50mm; 1/2500s; f/5.6; ISO100; 10/31/09: This is my favorite of the series.}

Monday, November 2

Golden Sunset

{50mm; 1/320s; f/10.0; ISO100; 10/29/09: The Golden Gate at sunset. I like how you can see Sutro tower in the background.}

Sunday, November 1

Golden in Fog

{50mm; 1/800s; f/5.6; ISO100; 10/31/09: Sometimes, the fog stays just over the water, but no where on land. This was one such morning. The bridge itself was fogged in for the most part, but the City and Marin were clear.}