Wednesday, September 30

Catfish Cuddle

Tuesday, September 29

Racing the Fog

{50mm; 1/4000s; f/5.0; ISO100; 08/05/09: This was taken during my commute.}

Monday, September 28

Rainforest Dome

{11mm; 1/80s; f/4.5; ISO100; 09/27/09: Taken at the Academy of Sciences. This is a 4-story dome with humidity and temperature control to keep it hot and humid. There's all sorts of life in there with a huge pool at the bottom that has big river fish in it. This is a 16:9 crop factor.}

Sunday, September 27

Liz and the Golden Gate at Fort Mason

{13mm; 1/60s; f/9.0; ISO100; 09/26/09: Title really says it all. I just got a polarizer at the best photography store I've ever seen, and I think the lighting was just great on Liz.}

Saturday, September 26

Mayan Headress

{12mm; 1/200s; f/4.0; ISO100; 08/10/09: This is another mural from Lilac St. in the Mission.}

Friday, September 25

Cigarettes, Calling Cards, and a Bottle of Beer

{11mm; 1/80s; f/4.0; ISO400; 08/13/09: This is the man who runs my local corner store. We go there for any random thing that we may have forgotten. This guy is really nice, but has been shafted by his university because he can't get the classes he needs to graduate. Our whole higher ed system needs an overhaul.}

Thursday, September 24

Reflections on Speed

{16mm; 1/60s; f/4.5; ISO200; 09/21/09: This was taken during my bike commute on the BART earlier this week. The main reason I picked out this picture is because you can see the girl behind me smiling while chatting on her phone while holding her bike.}

Wednesday, September 23

Bart Station Rays

{13mm; 1/1250s; f/2.8; ISO200; 09/21/09: This was taken on my way home as the sun was setting. I am going to try to get some more of these type of people silouettes.}

Tuesday, September 22

Engulfed in Fog

{15mm; 1/640s; f/10.0; ISO100; 08/16/09: Another shot from the ferry.}

Monday, September 21

Floating Mural

{12mm; 1/80s; f/4.0; ISO100; 08/22/09: This was taken in the Mission walking around with Liz. I like how you can see Bernal in the background of the mural. I have also been using the square crop a bit more lately.}

Sunday, September 20

Muni Rantings

{50mm; 1/100s; f/3.5; ISO100; 08/09/09: This man was ranting and raving loudly on the Muni. His lady was sitting there with a knowing smile on her face. Liz posed this question the other day, do people ride the Muni just to be able to have a place to rant, rave, and otherwise speak to themselves loudly?}

Saturday, September 19

Alcatraz and Beyond

{11mm; 1/1250s; f/7.1; ISO100; 08/16/09: Taken on the Ferry to Sausalito for a kayaking trip with the Harringtons earlier this August. Liz thought of the name.}

Friday, September 18

Paint by Numbers

{50mm; 1/100s; f/5.6; ISO100; 08/09/09: This is part of a new mural that is in the entryway of the MOMA. I took a picture of them working on it a few months back. It is completed now and is very strange/interesting.}

Thursday, September 17

St. Mary's Church

{11mm; 1/640s; f/2.8; ISO100; 08/13/09: This was taken just around the corner from my house. It juts up out of the cityscape.}

Wednesday, September 16

Baby on the Bus

{50mm; 1/125s; f/2.8; ISO100; 08/09/09: This was taken on the Muni after a day at the MOMA. Just thought the family looked so happy.}

Tuesday, September 15

Fog Over the Hill

{50mm; 1/4000s; f/5.0; ISO100; 08/05/09: This was taken on my 280 commute route while the fog was rolling over the Santa Cruz Mountains. This is fairly typical of this stretch of highway, and is one of the prettiest drives home.}

Monday, September 14

Caught Your Eyes

{50mm; 1/200s; f/2.8; ISO200; 08/09/09: This was taken while walking around in the city. I really like this picture because it has a sense of motion, with the walking couple, and Liz in the front with her hair moving in the blur.}

Sunday, September 13

The City (NW View)

{16mm; 1/250s; f/5.6; ISO200; 08/23/09: This was taken from the Hyatt while the fog was rolling in and the sun was getting lower. My favorite part is the little framing of Alcatraz in the upper right.}

Saturday, September 12


{11mm; 1/125s; f/7.1; ISO100; 08/22/09: This was taken somewhere in the Mission, where Jesus is big.}

Friday, September 11

The Koi Stream Continued

{11mm; 1/125s; f/6.3; ISO100; 08/23/09: Looks like the stream goes down Lililac St and the koi are following it.}

Thursday, September 10

Shipping Cranes

{14mm; 1/100s; f/7.1; ISO100; 08/25/09: Train pictures are very difficult, and I'm not 100% happy with this one, but sometimes you just have to commit to a picture. I like the blur in the forground because of the movement, and I like how the cranes on the left are white and the cranes on the right are dark. I again used the blue removal trick to cut the haze.}

Wednesday, September 9

The Bay Area

{11mm; 1/500s; f/9.0; ISO100; 09/07/09: This was taken on Skyline Hwy which runs along the ridge of the Santa Cruz Mountains. You can see from the south end of the bay to San Francisco, though it is very difficult to tell with all of the haze. Ahh air pollution, gotta love it. I even cut the blue on this. Dead center is the Standford campus tower.}

Tuesday, September 8

Steel Burns Blue, Who Knew?

{16mm; 1/15s; f/2.8; ISO400; 09/06/09: The tree had grown around a barbed wire fence. I wonder what emission line that is, but I'm guessing it's from the iron in the steel.}

Monday, September 7

Fates Treehouse

{16mm; 1/15s; f/4.0s; ISO200; 09/07/09: Went to a nice party at Matt and Kat's this Sunday to celebrate our ability to stay up late, drink, and be merry. This is the crazy looking treehouse that is stashed on top of a dead redwood trunk.}

Sunday, September 6

Masks at the Market

{15mm; 1/400s; f/6.3; ISO100; 08/23/09: Taken at the flea market on Alemany.}

Saturday, September 5

In Honor Of

{200mm; 1/400s; f/6.3; ISO1600; 08/30/08: Taken last year during the Burn. Tonight at ~10pm the Man Burns again.}

Friday, September 4

Liz on Manreca Beach

{11mm; 1/500s; f/8.0; ISO100; 08/29/09: Manreca State Beach is in Santa Cruz (Aptos), and has a nice campground where Liz and I stayed last weekend for an aniversaryish weekend. We had a good time soaking up the sun on Saturday and followed it up with a nice evening at the spa and some burgers and beers at the pub. Great weekend.}

Thursday, September 3

Another California Coastal View

{11mm; 1/250s; f/10; ISO100; 08/30/09: This was taken on our way home from Santa Cruz for the weekend. We stopped off to soak up some beach, but the winds were too fierce. I used a channel mixer on this black and white to get the sky like that by removing the blue component a bit.}

Wednesday, September 2

Pointalism Black Lady

{50mm; 1/60s; f/1.4; ISO400; 08/09/09: Taken at the MOMA.}

Tuesday, September 1

Body Sculpture #2

{50mm; 1/320s; f/1.4; ISO200; 08/09/09: Taken at the MOMA.}