Thursday, October 28

Toilets are Gross

Toilets are Gross-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.


Wednesday, October 27

Through a Grate in the Laundry

Creepy old laundry room. I wonder what this looked like in use.

Friday, October 22

The Tunnel

The Tunnel-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Newly opened tunnel was part of an on going restoration project.

Thursday, October 21

Blow Your Horn Mark

Blow Your Horn Mark-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Down by the power plant.

Wednesday, October 20

Burnt Out Building on Alcatraz

A shell of a building. I remember a scene from the Rock being shot here. Alcatraz is much much smaller than the movies make out.

Thursday, October 14

Out a Window on Alcatraz

Out a Window on Alcatraz-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Out of the window of a very old section from back during the days as a military fort.

Wednesday, October 13

Alcatraz and Fog

Alcatraz and Fog-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

When we got to Alcatraz it was later in the day, so the wind was just starting to kick up and bring in some fog. We still got plenty of time in the sun, so it worked out nicely. This is a view up the guards quarters where the families lived.

Wednesday, October 6

Goofy Family

Goofy Family-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Liz, Gabrielle and Ben all on their way to Alcatraz Island. Is Liz saluting me?

Tuesday, October 5

Pit Fire

Pit Fire-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

I have really gotten into ceramics as of late. It's been interesting and fun. I've always enjoyed working w/ my hands and material science is more or less what I studied in school, so the two go together nicely. This is a pit fired piece done by an artist that Liz and I know.

Monday, October 4

Tom, Liz, and Gary

Tom, Liz, and Gary-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

After the Mountain Play we stop by the playground.