Tuesday, November 23

Cell Block A - Broadway

Cell Block A - Broadway-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Looking up at the skylights.

Sunday, November 7

Mom in Prison

Mom in Prison-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

She kept trying to look scared and sad, but it was hard to do b/c Alcatraz was so weird and cool.

Tuesday, November 2

House on Alcatraz

House on Alcatraz-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

On the way to the cell block.

Thursday, October 28

Toilets are Gross

Toilets are Gross-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.


Wednesday, October 27

Through a Grate in the Laundry

Creepy old laundry room. I wonder what this looked like in use.

Friday, October 22

The Tunnel

The Tunnel-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Newly opened tunnel was part of an on going restoration project.

Thursday, October 21

Blow Your Horn Mark

Blow Your Horn Mark-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Down by the power plant.

Wednesday, October 20

Burnt Out Building on Alcatraz

A shell of a building. I remember a scene from the Rock being shot here. Alcatraz is much much smaller than the movies make out.

Thursday, October 14

Out a Window on Alcatraz

Out a Window on Alcatraz-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Out of the window of a very old section from back during the days as a military fort.

Wednesday, October 13

Alcatraz and Fog

Alcatraz and Fog-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

When we got to Alcatraz it was later in the day, so the wind was just starting to kick up and bring in some fog. We still got plenty of time in the sun, so it worked out nicely. This is a view up the guards quarters where the families lived.

Wednesday, October 6

Goofy Family

Goofy Family-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Liz, Gabrielle and Ben all on their way to Alcatraz Island. Is Liz saluting me?

Tuesday, October 5

Pit Fire

Pit Fire-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

I have really gotten into ceramics as of late. It's been interesting and fun. I've always enjoyed working w/ my hands and material science is more or less what I studied in school, so the two go together nicely. This is a pit fired piece done by an artist that Liz and I know.

Monday, October 4

Tom, Liz, and Gary

Tom, Liz, and Gary-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

After the Mountain Play we stop by the playground.

Tuesday, September 28

Fire Escape

Fire Escape-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

We went to the Mtn. Play again on Mt. Tam this year. It was much much better than last year because they did Guys and Dolls. Took this on the hike down Mt. Tam.

Friday, September 24

Tamales Bay Boats

Tamales Bay Boats-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

These are the sail boats sitting on Tamales Bay just outside of Marshall.

Thursday, September 23

Molly is a Dog

Molly is a Dog-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

This is Christophe's dog. Her name is Molly and she is the sweetest dog.

Monday, September 20

Marshall Store Parking

Marshall Store Parking-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

This summer Liz and I hung out with our pottery friend Christophe at the Marshall Store in Marshall. It's on Tamales Bay and they have awesome oysters.

Wednesday, June 2

Sandy Stairs

{I love what the wide angle does to stairs.}

Tuesday, June 1

Waterfall Blur

{I bought a new travel tripod that is grippy and flexy. I took this during the day w/ a neutral density filter.}

Monday, May 31

Liz on a Swing

{Wide angles are great for motion blur b/c you can hand hold it at slow shutter w/o getting hand shake blur.}

Sunday, May 30

Beetle Orgy

{Every beetle you see in this picture is actually a pair of beetles, doing it.}

Saturday, May 29

Two Slides

{Wide angles can be fun.}

Friday, May 28

Clouds Incoming

{It was nice the entire time with fluffy clouds.}

Thursday, May 27

Slides, Liz, and Childhood

{We found this little playground and got some kid action shots.}

Wednesday, May 26

Leelanau Penninsula

{Earlier this month, my Mom graduated with her Master's from U of M. It was cool, and I got to see the President speak (well done btw). After we went "Up North" for the rest of the little break.}

Tuesday, May 25

Overlooking the Canyon

{Last couple picture from the Grand Canyon.}

Monday, May 24

Liz and a Polarized Sky

{It's just great when the polarization band lines up nicely in a photo.}

Sunday, May 23

Near the Ridge

{Another shot off the other side of the ridge we were hiking.}

Saturday, May 22

Tree On the Ridge

{Taking a break on the ridge.}

Friday, May 21

Spine Down to the River

{We didn't make it to the river, because that's insane, but we did make it out around this spine on the left.}

Thursday, May 20

Say Cheese

{I thought this blog could use some cheese.}

Wednesday, May 19

Switchback Down

{Huge walls, Liz for perspective.}

Tuesday, May 18

Down We Go

{We began early while the sun was still low casting long shadows on the Canyon. The trail is to the lower right.}

Monday, May 17

Grand Canyon at Sunset

{Last picture before my battery went dead for the night. Next up the decent into the crevice.}

Sunday, May 16

Lizzing at the Edge

{Looking over the edge makes you feel small.}

Saturday, May 15

Grand Canyon Down to the Colorado

{I still can't believe that the Colorado River did this.}

Friday, May 14

Grand Canyon in Shadow

{It is difficult to pick the good images from the Grand Canyon, and they get a little monotonous after looking at them all.}

Thursday, May 13

Grand Canyon Closer to Sunset

{Closer to sunset temporally and physically.}

Wednesday, May 12

First View of the Grand Canyon

{The first views of the Grand Canyon. Just before sunset.}

Tuesday, May 11

Vine Covered Stairs

{The last picture from Santa Fe. I've got an awesome wall socket picture on the medium format camera, but I have to get them ported over to digital at some point. }

Monday, May 10

Wood Burning Oven

{This is an old school classic adobe wood burning oven. I'd really like to have a wood burning oven (perhaps in a different style) in a future home. It makes great pizzas from what I understand.}

Sunday, May 9

Old Blue Bike

{Closeup of the blue bike seen previously. I like how this wide angle can still get some bokeh at 2.8/f.}

Saturday, May 8

Door and Woodpile

{This place was next to Angie's place and had a great look to it.}

Friday, May 7

Down the Hall

{Just down a hallway is the outside art studio center of the world! This is Angie's place, and I liked the lighting in the morning.}

Thursday, May 6

Adobe is Straw and Mud

{Not bad bokeh for a wideangle. This is what the adobe looks like up close. Straw and mud.}

Wednesday, May 5

Bikes in an Open Hallway

{The best thing about a wide angle lens is playing with perspective. That's really what that 14-20mm range (35mm equiv) is all about. I think this is a great example. I also wouldn't have been able to fit both bikes in to the same picture w/o it.}

Tuesday, May 4

Liz in Santa Fe Doorway

{After leaving Texas, Liz and I visited Liz's long time childhood friend Angie who is currently living in Santa Fe, NM. She lives in an art enclave next to a road that literally has 30-50 art studios in a row.}

Monday, May 3

Storm Clouds with Mountains in the Distance

{I just like the contrast with the thin line of bright light in the distance.}

Sunday, May 2

On the Road to Santa Fe

{We went through some weather and nice dark clouds were blocking half the sky. I miss clouds, there just aren't enough of them in California (big problem eh?).}

Saturday, May 1

Liz and Suzi

{Liz and I went to El Paso to get this used Suzuki which has been named Suzi. It's a good car, and never had any issues on the drive.}