Tuesday, June 30

Marygrove Front Entrance

{50mm; ~1/100s; f/~7.0; ISO100; 05/14/09: Taken on Mom's graduation day, stitched together ~14 images to make this single picture.}

Monday, June 29

Blue Cars

{50mm; 1/500s; f/9.0; 06/27/09: One thing I love about living in California is that the weather allows for cars to live forever. You get to see these cars all the time, and they really are amazing.}

Sunday, June 28

Garage Door Mural

{50mm; 1/100s; f/9.0; ISO100; 06/27/09: Taken near Dolores Park, the mural itself fit on a single garage door. This reminded Liz and I of a movie we recently watched called "The Last Unicorn", it was tough to get through, one of those crappy movies that are good.}

Saturday, June 27

Two Bags

{50mm; 1/50s; f/9.0; ISO100; 06/27/09: Went to Dolores Park today to meet up with Anne and Brian. I was trying to see if I could take pictures with the camera at my waist. Hard to do, we'll see if I can get anything worthwhile.}

Friday, June 26

Purple UFO Flower

{50mm; 1/2000s; f/2.5; ISO100; 06/13/09: Taken on a walk with Liz, I've always liked these interesting flowers. I've always though they look like a flying saucer or a satellite dish.}

Thursday, June 25

Avand's Bargain Factory

{50mm; 1/500s; f/7.1; ISO100; 06/20/09: Taken on the Mission just before Ceasar Chavez. My favorite part is the booty manikins. You see these lady's bottoms displaying wares all over town.}

Wednesday, June 24

Accordian on Muni

{50mm; 1/60s; f/1.6; ISO800; 06/19/09: Taken on the muni on our way back from a nice Spanish dinner in the Mission. This pic made it on the SFist website's Photo du Jour- here.}

Tuesday, June 23

Alien Statue

{50mm; 1/100s; f/1.4; ISO800; 06/21/09: After going to the Mountain Play on Mt. Tam we hiked back down out of the mountains for 6 miles. Towards the end we were walking through mountain homes and came across this beauty. How odd...}

Monday, June 22

Money Security

{50mm; 1/500s; f/4.5; ISO200; 06/17/09: Taken from the Caltrain of a security guard collecting money. I really just like the composition of this.}

Sunday, June 21

He Knows

{50mm; 1/100s; f/1.6; ISO800; 06/19/09: This man is one of a two part traveling mexican band who moves through the Mission hopping from restaurante to restaurante to play for the patrons. At the end of a 5 minute diddy, they walk around, hat in hand looking for tips. I was on the same muni bus as him and got this pic.}

Saturday, June 20

Boy from the Train

{50mm; 1/1600s; f/2.8; ISO400; 06/17/09: Taken while on Caltrain headed to work. It is blurry but I think that kinda helps with understanding where it was taken from. I had to shoot through rather dirty glass from a moving train.}

Friday, June 19

City on the Bay

{50mm; 1/1000s; f/6.3; ISO200; 06/15/09: Taken from the San Mateo bridge crossing from the east bay to the peninsula. Taken out the window of my car while driving at 60mph.}

Thursday, June 18

Hanging Laundry

{28mm; 1/500s; f/8.0; ISO100; 10/12/08: Taken last fall on a walk to Coit Tower.}

Wednesday, June 17

Hidden Door

{50mm; 1/60s; F2.5; ISO400; 06/14/09: Taken on a walking path that goes right by my house and follows along San Jose Ave. This door seems very out of place with its ivy trimmings.}

Tuesday, June 16

Cement Child's Face

{50mm; 1/2000s; F2.5; ISO100; 06/13/09: Another picture of these creepy cement sculptures in front of someone's house on Richland.}

Monday, June 15

Bee and Purple Flower

{50mm; 1/400s; F2.2; ISO100; 06/08/09: Taken while on a hike with Fluffy above Novato. Landed right when I was about to take a picture of the flower, seemed serendipitous.}

Sunday, June 14

The Richland Bridge

{50mm; 1/100s; F6.3; ISO100; 06/14/09: Taken from the stairs heading down to San Jose Ave. less than 100ft from my house.}

Saturday, June 13

Cement Child

{50mm; 1/1250s; F2.8; ISO100; 06/13/09: Taken on Richland in front of someones house. The face is out of focus but I kinda like it.}

Friday, June 12

Golden State

{50mm; 1/250s; F6.3; ISO100; 06/07/09: Taken in the hills above Novato in Marin. Ever wonder why California is called the Golden State?}

Thursday, June 11

The Worker and Engineer

{50mm; 1/60s; F2.6; ISO200; 05/15/09: Another of the Rivera frescoes, I thought it looked nice to compare these two. Look at the way they are facing, and look at the expressions on their faces. Sad and fierce.}

Wednesday, June 10

Purple in Golden Fields

{50mm; 1/800s; F2.2; ISO100; 06/07/09: Taken in the hills north of Novato on a hike with Fluffy and Fluffy. It was a warm beautiful weekend.}

Tuesday, June 9

Corey's Hair Salon

{50mm; 1/400s; F4.0; ISO400; 05/15/09: Taken in Detroit. It's a bit blurry, but I like the content, so I thought I'd post it. Walk ins welcome.}

Monday, June 8

I've Got Big Balls

{50mm; 2.5s; F7.1; ISO200; 05/09/09: Taken during Kaboom! presented by local radio station KFOG, during which they played music with the fireworks. During this section, they played AC/DC's I've Got Big Balls and had big round ones go off.}

Sunday, June 7

White Peaches

{50mm; 1/80s; F3.2; ISO100; 05/31/09: Taken at the farmer's market.}

Saturday, June 6

Rusting Building

{50mm; 1/250s; F4.0; ISO400; 03/15/09: Taken in Detroit while driving home to the suburbs. I can't believe the amount of building decay that is going on in the area.}

Friday, June 5

The Fall

{50mm; 1/160s; F2.0; ISO800; 05/15/09: Taken at the DIA, a huge glass etched vase with imagry of the fall all over it. This is probably a 3 inch section.}

Thursday, June 4

Our Neighborhood

{50mm; 1/500s; F9.0; ISO100; 05/17/09: Taken near my house on Richland. Keep your neighborhoods clean, don't shit on the street.}

Wednesday, June 3

Amazing Wood Sculpture

{50mm; 1/250s; F1.4; ISO800; 05/15/09: This is a beautiful Chinese wood sculpture that is hard to imagine how it was made. It still boggles my mind.}

Tuesday, June 2

Grab Some Cherries

{50mm;  1/60s; F3.6; ISO100; 05/31/09: Taken at the farmers market in the DMV in Oakland near where Anne and Brian live a few blocks away. I got my butt kicked at Scrabble after this, but enjoyed some excellent tea. Mmm cherries.}

Monday, June 1

Marble Down!

{50mm; 1/30s; F1.4; ISO400; 05/24/09: I won at Chinese Checkers at the Dembski house for the first time last weekend. I am proud! They are formidable opponents.}