Sunday, January 31

Liz as a Troll

{16mm; 1/50s; f/5.6; ISO100; 1/31/10: Liz decided she wanted to see what it feels like to be a troll. I kept telling her to stop smiling but it was too funny. Besides, she's too pretty to be a troll.}

Saturday, January 30

Winged Lady

{28mm; 1/60s; f/11.0; ISO100; 08/28/08: Taken from the archives during Burningman '08, the year Liz and I met. I decided to post this after I saw Ray's most recent post, and thought I'd show my own inspiration this installation produced.}

Friday, January 29

Strange Sea Birds

{50mm; 1/500s; f/13.0; ISO100; 7/26/09: I think these kite surfers look like some weird birds floating above the ocean.}

Thursday, January 28

Cherry Tomatoes

{50mm; 1/200s; f/4.5; ISO100; 8/8/09: Another from the farmer's market. I might head back there this weekend to get some winter veggies.}

Wednesday, January 27

Clarion Street

{12mm; 1/30s; f/3.5; ISO100; 11/27/09: Another mural from Clarion St.}

Tuesday, January 26

Onion Peels

{50mm; 1/500s; f/3.5; ISO100; 8/9/09: Towards the end of the day at the farmer's market.}

Monday, January 25


{12mm; 1/30s; f/3.5; 11/27/09: With the recent bullshit verdict by the Supreme Court, and with Mass tipping the scales in the Senate, I thought this was more than relevant. I especially think the "Government of the vast majority by a tiny minority" is really fitting.}

Sunday, January 24

18th and Santiago - Do Not Put Mail Here

{12mm; 1/100s; f/6.3; ISO100; 1/6/10: After going to get my tooth carved out and filled, I saw this great shadow of an apparently useless mailbox. (It's actually a relay point.)}

Saturday, January 23

Sunset at Pajaro Dunes

{16mm; 1/250s; f/2.8; ISO400; 1/16/10: It was raining for most of the day, but right around sunset, the sun crept below the clouds for a few minutes.}

Friday, January 22

Fresh Water and Moss Landing

{50mm; 1/200s; f/5.6; ISO100; 1/17/10: Where a river comes down to the beach, the birds come to get a drink.}

Wednesday, January 20

Ocean Smoothness

{50mm; 1/400s; f/6.3; ISO100; 1/17/10: I just thought that the contrast between the smooth shore reflections and the roughed up waves looked nice.}

The Ocean Drags a Rock

{50mm; 1/4000s; f/1.4; ISO100; 1/17/10: The bokeh and the smoothness works with the reflection of the breaking clouds after the rain- I think.}

Tuesday, January 19

Sand Dollar in Hand

{50mm; 1/1250s; f/2.0; ISO100; 1/17/10: Taken on the beach at Pajaro Dunes, where Liz found a rare intact Sand Dollar.}

Monday, January 18

From the De Young via The Science Academy to Sutro

{11mm; 1/125s; f/7.1; ISO100; 12/26/09: I really like how this captures the view from the top of De Young's tower.}

Sunday, January 17

Abandoned Vertebrae

{50mm; 1/2500s; f/1.8; ISO100; 1/16/10: There were also loads of dead things on the beach. We found two different seals, and some kind of a tail fin from a dolphin or a small whale. It seemed to be a wash up area.}

Saturday, January 16

Mother and Child Footprints

{50mm; 1/1600s; f/2.0; ISO100; 1/16/10: There were many babies at this retreat. It was nice to see them all, but also terrifying.}

Friday, January 15

Stairs Down to Pajaro Dunes

{11mm; 1/25s; f/2.8; ISO200; 1/16/10: This last weekend we went down to Pajaro Dunes (near Watsonville) to hang out with the Winking Lotus crew.}

Thursday, January 14

Mom at De Young

{11mm; 1/60s; f/5.0; ISO100; 12/26/09: Another person pic from De Young.}

Wednesday, January 13

Church Made of Bullets

{16mm; 1/30s; f/2.8; ISO800; 12/26/09: This is a new addition to the De Young. This entire church is made of bullets and machine gun parts. Inside was a full human spine.}

Tuesday, January 12

Liz and Mom and a Paperclip

{11mm; 1/320s; f/6.3; ISO100; 12/26/10: Some more from the De Young.}

Monday, January 11

Ann's Quilts - Susani

{50mm; 1/60s; f/1.4; ISO800; 12/25/09: Well I had a good streak back there...I just don't have as much time for processing photos as I used to, I guess I'll just have to take an extra hour a night and make myself sit down and do it. Sigh, well I'm not dead, just busy and uninspired.}

Sunday, January 10

Half-Dome and Moving Clouds

{16mm; 30s; f/6.3; ISO200; 12/30/09: I actually have another picture taken a few seconds before this one which is much much better, but it is slightly out of focus which makes me a sad boy. This probably* completes the Yosemite set (*unless I run out of pictures which happens).}

Saturday, January 9

Asian Santa?

{50mm; 1/50s; f/1.4; ISO400; 12/25/09: So, I know this picture is a little blurry, but seriously, is this the Asian Santa? Or perhaps it is the guy from the second and third Pirates movies? Davey Jones Claus?}

Friday, January 8

Half-Dome at Sunset

{12mm; 15s; f/22.0; ISO100; 12/31/09: There were approximately twenty other people lined up on the bridge waiting for this picture. I didn't really know what was up, but I remembered the spot and remembered the view of half-dome.}

Thursday, January 7

Water Over Rocks

{14mm; 6s; f/22.0; ISO100; 1/1/2010: We went for a walk to Mirror Lake. It was significantly smaller than last time I was there, I guess snow melt makes a big difference.}

Wednesday, January 6

Sparklers in Front of Half-Dome

{16mm; 5s; f/2.8; ISO400; 1/1/10: This was taken right near the time of the New Year. Liz wanted to use the sparklers, Mom and I were a bit nervous being rule followers and all.}

Tuesday, January 5

Yosemite Falls, Upper and Lower

{14mm; 10s; f/22.0; ISO100; 12/31/09: Taken in the valley with a long exposure.}

Monday, January 4

River Under a Bridge

{12mm; 20s; f/5.0; ISO200; 12/31/09: Liz, Mom, and I walked around a small loop near Yosemite Falls, and came across a bridge. I've been on a long exposure kick this trip.}

Sunday, January 3

Ripple Cloud

{16mm; 1/400s; f/6.3; ISO100; 12/31/09: I don't think that I've ever mentioned that I really like cloud pictures. However, I gave up on taking them years ago because after the first 10 or so, they get boring as hell. I couldn't resist this time however.}

Saturday, January 2

North Dome and Half-Dome

{15mm; 1/200s; f/6.3; ISO200; 12/31/09: This picture is why I have a wide-angle in my bag (not that 15mm is really that wide). I cropped this to a 16:9 aspect ratio.}

Friday, January 1

Curry Village - Heated Tent Cabins

{15mm; 15s; f/5.6; ISO200; 12/30/09: The cool thing about Yosemite in the Winter is that you can rent these cool tent cabins that have heaters in them. You can get fairly toasty inside them considering how chilly it is outside. They also provide beds and linens (neither are Hilton quality, but compared with a tent, it's orders of magnitude better than a tent).}