Monday, January 31

Tammy Doing the Raku

Tami Raku-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

This is Tammy, the raku master. She lives up in Santa Rosa on a mountainous chunk of land. It is a requisite that your car have AWD to go up the driveway. The red hot pots go into those trash cans full of newspaper and pick up all sorts of carbon. I have more ceramics pics, but there's still the rest of Chi/MI/NYC to get through, so I'll be spicing these raku images in as I go.

Horsehair Closeup

Raku Ceramics09_lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Here is a close up.

Sunday, January 30

Horsehair Jar

Raku Ceramics05_lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

I got a lightbox for Christmas and this is the first chance I've had to use it.
I've actually found that I need to bump up the f-number quite a bit. This needed to be cropped but I'm lazy.

This is a raku piece that where I burned horsehair on the outside of it to make the black lines. More coming.

Thursday, January 27

Old Socket

Old Socket-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

In the upper floors of Alcatraz.

Wednesday, January 26

Liz Going into a Cell

Liz Going into a Cell-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

Nice smile.

Monday, January 24

Nurse's Station

Nurse's Station-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

We got up into the upper floors of Alcatraz and that's where they kept the people who had to be entirely separated from the population. These were really for the instigators. This is also where the health care was performed.

Tuesday, January 18

Alcatraz Lighthouse Looking North

The fog was rolling in the entire time we were on the island. We really got lucky because it held off until we left. Here you can see Mt. Tam, Marin Headlands, and the GG Bridge.

Monday, January 17

Keys of Alcatraz

Keys of Alcatraz-lite, originally uploaded by JesseGuz.

These are the keys that can operate the main cell block of Alcatraz. I have CHI/MI/NYC pictures coming.