Sunday, April 5

Firey Angel

{50mm; 1/100s; F3.5; ISO200; 04/05/09: This is around the corner from the McDonalds on Mission and 24th. There is an icy mech dude next to her, but it just wasn't as impressive. This is the joining of ~15 images and the original is 25MP equiv.}


Boomer said...

Heh. I know that wall. There've been murals on it for decades, usually of women. Back in the '80s, that wall held a mural of my old samba teacher in full Carnaval getup, all tinsel and spandex and brown Brazilian skin and 20 feet tall. I do miss the Mission.

Boomer said...

Ooops, different mural. One I'm thinking of is over the House of Brakes at 24th and South Van Ness. And she's still there! Thanks, Flickr.

So, soory, different mural. But you can't have too many.